Why do you choose to participate in a CSA?

I originally chose a CSA because I wanted a variety of fresh, local, organic and sustainable produce delivered to my house.  A friend of mine was a member of our local CSA and I would see her bi-weekly box overflowing with exotic greens and fruits and I wanted in!!  I love to cook and I love to eat veggies but I find the produce section of my local grocery store uninspiring and I also want to know that what I’m getting isn’t covered in pesticide or genetically modified or shipped from thousands of miles away.  The CSA delivered all of that to my door.

I have been a CSA member (although I have switched CSAs) for almost 3 years.  I continue to do it because I love the quality of the food I get, I love supporting local growers, I love learning about my community through my CSA, I love knowing that what I’m eating doesn’t hurt the environment and I also love the challenge of having to figure out how to prepare the ingredients each week.

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