What’s the point of this blog? What are you trying to accomplish here?

This is an excellent question that I’m still not sure I have an answer for.  This blog started out as an outlet for creative expression in the wake of my divorce.  It was a great source of therapy for me.  At a time when I was feeling really horrible about myself, like I was the biggest idiot and loser in the world, this blog was something that made me feel like there was something that I could do right, something that I was good at.  Since then it’s evolved into a passion or more accurately an expression of my passions.  The more I learn about where my food comes from, the more people I meet who are doing really amazing work in the arenas of sustainability, zero waste, minimalism, ecological and sustainable farming, the more I want to do and the more I want to learn.  I’m inspired and I hope that by sharing my journey, I’m inspiring.  I hope that reading everything I put on this blog stirs your imagination, makes you ask questions and look for answers.  What I hope to accomplish is to create a resource for tips, guidance, and community around living as sustainable a life as you can right now.  Once we get there, we’ll see where else we can go.  How does that sound?

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