Isn’t a CSA expensive?

Is it more expensive than buying the same items at the local conventional grocery store?  Yes, a lot more expensive.  $47/box to be exact.  It’s also more expensive than going to the farmer’s market each week.  But it works for my lifestyle and my values.  The conventional grocery doesn’t always have organic options and they very rarely have many local AND organic options so there’s no comparison for me there.  I work full time, write this blog, have a podcast, am a student at the Permaculture Academy and also have a dog and a life in general.  I’m busy just like the rest of you!  So making a trip out to the farmer’s market, finding parking (I live in Los Angeles), shopping and then heading back is a lot of my precious time.  Having the same, or even better, quality ingredients delivered to my door is the only reason I am so consistent with my choices and that’s worth every penny to me.

That being said, I save a ton of money in other ways by always having high quality food delivered to my house.  I eat out WAY less which really adds up.  There’s less driving around so less money spent on gas and also less opportunities for impulse buys that I don’t actually need.  There’s also the intangible value of my time.  I have more time to spend on myself and with people I love.  I have more time to relax, to meditate, to read, to catch up with family and friends (over a meal cooked from my CSA), to do the things that really make me happy.  I’m not sure I can put a price on that.

For some people this price point is just way too high and I get that.  This isn’t for everyone.  However, I meet people everyday who are working hard to make sure that this sort of quality food is in fact accessible to everyone regardless of income and I take comfort in that.

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