Is a CSA really feasible for me (you, the reader)?

Maybe, maybe not!  If your cooking skills are limited to boiling water to make tea then this may be an overwhelming challenge that you will not enjoy or benefit from.  Unless you are committed to the project of teaching yourself how to cook no matter what, I would go another route.  I have been cooking for a long time and I really enjoy it so it’s extremely easy for me to look at a box full of random raw fruits and veggies and see a million different meal options.  I also will eat anything.  There are very very few foods on Earth that I don’t like so this also makes getting a CSA box good for me.  If you have a million food allergies or are on a very special diet, this may not be for you.

However, this is for you if you have a busy life, love to eat local, organic, sustainable food, love to cook, can eat almost anything and already spend about $200 – $300 on produce a month.

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