Are you a foodie?

In some ways, I am.  I love food and I’m very knowledgable about preparation methods, ingredients and I’m aware of what’s going on in my local restaurant and farmer’s market communities.  However, because I mostly eat at home, I am not a foodie in the sense of having first hand knowledge of every restaurant in my city.  A lot of people who meet me assume that I will be quick with  restaurant recommendation but that’s not really my thing.  I love to eat out, I do!  And I usually have a running list of places I want to try but because there are always so many new places opening and closing, there are more places that I haven’t been to than I have.  What I can do is order once we get there.  I’m really good at figuring out what the best things on the menu are.  So there’s that.  Does that make me a foodie?  You tell me!

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