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Time Saving Onion Hack


This Time Saving Onion Hack is The Best!

I don’t know about you but my eyes are super sensitive to onions.  Chopping more than one onion means my face is going to explode.  Eyes burning, nose running.  It’s definitely not a good look right before a dinner party.  But I have a trick that saves me.   It’s not hard and when people see you do it you’ll look like a pro.  Cool right?!  I know!

Cut The Onion In Half  Through The Root

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I can’t emphasize enough that it needs to be through the root.  If you cut it the other way, it just doesn’t work as well.  If you don’t believe me, try it both ways and see for your self.

Lay The Cut Side on the Cutting Board

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The fumes come from the cut part of the onion so one way to avoid the burn is to put them cut side down on the board.  Also, have a glass of bubbly rose nearby just in case you need it.

Cut Off The Top End of the Onion

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This is not to be confused with the root end!!  It’s the opposite of the root end!  This is to get rid of any dry gnarly bits that might be at the top of the onion and also to expose the layers to make the next step easier…

Peel The First Layer of the Onion Off

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The first layer my all be papery and brown but sometimes half of the first layer will be good and half will be dry and papery.  Just peel the whole layer off until the only part exposed is a nice, clean, fresh layer of onion to cut into.  The rest can go in your veggie stock pile.

Cut Slices Into Onion But Don’t Cut Through to Root

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Ok, let me explain that better.  You want to cut into the top of the onion but you want to stop short of the root.  You don’t want to cut all the way through to the root end because the root end is holding the onion together.

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You can see from this angle that I’m not cutting all the way through, I’m stopping about a half and inch before the root end so that the onion stays held together on that end.  You’ll see, it’ll start to make sense soon.

Cut Across The Onion, Parallel To The Cutting Board

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So now you’re going to make some cuts in the other direction.  You are, once again, not going to cut all the way through.  You are going to stop short of the root end, about a half inch or so, so that that end of the onion holds together.

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Once you’re done, you’ll see there are cuts down and across in a cross hatch pattern.  Now we are ready for the really satisfying and fun part!

Cut Down Across the Onion

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And voila!  Like magic your onion is cubed!!  And because it has only been minimally exposed to air, those fumes haven’t really had a chance to attack your precious eyeballs.  Now you can really enjoy that bubbly rose!  Tears and snot free!

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OMG!  How satisfying is that?  Even if your recipe doesn’t call for an onion, try this.  It’s so good.

Chop the End Piece

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We are not tossing out that root end piece folks.  We are just going to chop it up at the end like we would anything else and get it to the same size as the rest of the onion pieces.  Practice makes perfect with this technique but since onions are in so many recipes this will help you out with prep time and keep you bright eyed and ready to cook!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million

If there was any confusion hopefully this video clears it up!  And as always, feel free to ask me anything in the comments!

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