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Seven Reasons Why Single Men Should Learn to Cook


Seven Reasons Why Single Men Should Learn to Cook

One of the observations I’ve made in starting this cooking class business is that most of my students are women or couples.  I have yet to see a group of single men choose a cooking class as a group activity.  I have seen men attend whose partners or spouses have gifted them a class but single men who come on their own volition, just because they want to learn to cook and meet other people who want to learn to cook, are few and far between.  This is a damn shame.  Here are some of the very good reasons why single men should take cooking classes and learn how to feed themselves and their loved ones.

1. Learning to cook will save you money

I know you think that you are a master of finding deals on prepared foods outside the house but I promise you that the combo platter that you pay $7.99 for will cost you a fraction of that if you cook it yourself.  Cooking instructors can show you lots of money saving tips from getting the most out of an ingredient to when and how to shop for food to lower your costs.  You will be making a bomb-ass $2 combo platter of your own creation in no time.

2. It’s not as hard as you think

You don’t need to buy a million expensive gadgets, pots, pans, spices, ingredients or knives to cook amazing tasting food.  Most cooking classes will show you how to make the most out of a few basic tools and show you how to properly use the only seasoning you will ever really need… salt.

3. YouTube is great but some things are better learned in person

There are so many amazing resources out there on the internet and you should definitely use them.  But cooking is one of those things that must be practiced and repeated in order to be learned.  An in-person cooking class gives you the benefit of lots of hands-on practice AND having a real live human being coaching you through techniques and answering all of your questions.  Sometimes it really is just better to stop and ask for directions, you guys!

4. There’s no women to cook for you anymore

Adults are staying single longer than ever, especially in big cities.  Not too long ago, many men could expect to leave the comfort of their childhood homes, where mom handled all of the domestic duties, including feeding everyone, and head straight into marital bliss which included a wife who would probably handle all of the meals. But those are bygone days, my dudes.  You are going to spend many, many, many years on your own, being responsible for feeding yourself so you should really learn how.

5. Knowing how to cook makes you a more attractive mate

If you are lucky enough to find the partner of your dreams to share a life with, there is no guarantee that they will be able to cook either.  They might have an even higher powered career than you and that means they won’t be slaving away in the kitchen all day either.  Being able to pick up the slack and cook delicious and nutritious meals for your partner and family is hot.  Everyone loves to come home from a shit day to a homecooked meal.  It is absolutely panty drop material.  Learn how to do it.

6.  You are going to live a long time

People are living longer and longer these days.  Living longer means you want to ensure that the food you are putting in your body is nourishing and healthy, not fast food trash.  It’s about quality over quantity, guys!  You can be a spry old dude, living his best life or a pill popping geriatric mess in your twilight years and your diet will dictate much of that.  Learning how to cook will empower you to choose the best ingredients and feed yourself delicious meals that will support your long term health.  You are what you eat.  Don’t be 99 cent Top Ramen and Diet Mountain Dew.

7. #MeToo

In this era of (finally!) heightened awareness about toxic masculinity, doing activities that are off the stereotypical manly beaten path can connect you to the feminine that lives within you.  Cooking to feed yourself and to nurture the people you love continues to be the realm of women.  Cooking to be famous and open a restaurant and make (very little) money continues to be the realm of men. Push your boundaries, make a little shift in the paradigm and learn how to nurture and care for yourself and others through cooking.  It may give you a new appreciation of how powerful and strong the feminine can be.

So gather you guy friends and book a cooking class!!  Cooking classes are great for birthdays, bachelor parties, guys night out, company outings or any of the reasons outlined above.  If the idea of taking a cooking class or suggesting it to your bros makes you uncomfortable, grab your discomfort by the shoulders, look it in the eye and say “Suck it up!  We are doing this!”  See you in class!

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