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New Year, New Goals


Can you believe we are at the beginning of yet another calendar year?  It seriously feels like my last resolution post was just a few weeks ago.  Each year whizzes by faster than the last which must mean I’m getting old.  Looking back on 2016 I can say it’s been a year full of ups and downs but overall it definitely wasn’t the worst year of my life, not even by a long shot.  In the “Sucks” column I have breaking my wrist, having my driver’s license suspended for a year, technical issues with my blog, a stressful and contentious election cycle and, most recently, having to evict someone from my property.  And while these things are pretty lame, they certainly are outweighed by the things in the “Rocks” column such as traveling to Iceland, Peru and Ecuador with people I love, learning really cool stuff about the world we live in, getting in great shape by riding my bike all over Los Angeles, taking my newfound fitness and using it to take swimming across the San Francisco Bay off my bucket list, I made loads of new friends and got to share countless blissful moments with them and other people I love.  For me, this adds up to a fine year.  I’m ready, 2017, ready for whatever you may bring.  Can it please mostly rock though?  PLEASE?!  

L1060926 - New Year, New Goals

I’m writing this from my New Year’s Eve retreat in Ojai, CA. Me and a few girlfriends rented a house out here for the weekend. It’s been a lovely retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Most of Life is completely out of my control which, as a control-loving person, is frustrating at times.  However, resolutions and goals give me the feeling that at least I have some control over something and I find that incredibly comforting.  I want to share my goals and resolutions with you, my dear, faithful readers because nothing makes shit more real than publishing it on the internet.  I know some of you will be checking in on me and asking me how my goals and resolutions are going and I find that incredibly supportive even when the answer is “Ugghhh… I’m struggling!”  Actually, that’s when it helps the most because those of you who I actually have the pleasure of interacting with in person on a regular basis are always quick with an encouraging word or a sympathetic hug or a funny quip that helps put things in perspective so I can refocus and get back to it.  I was pretty successful with my resolutions last year so I’m leveling up and have some really fun/challenging ones lined up for 2017.  Here we go…


Go Minimalist and Zerowaste

This whole sustainable lifestyle thing has been a slow adjustment.  I have been taking things one step at a time and doing what I can when I can.  As I learn more, I realize that there is more and more room for me to do more.  However, the idea of overhauling my life in one fell swoop feels incredibly overwhelming so instead I’m just tackling one area of my life at a time and cutting myself slack where needed.  I currently feel like I have transportation and food pretty much under control, although there’s always room to be better but I’d like to expand my focus and take a look at other areas of my life to see where else I can refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle.  In that order.   In an effort to be more minimalist, I plan on doing the Marie Kondo thing and getting rid of my clothes and other shit that I’m hoarding.  Just typing this is giving me heart palpitations and shortness of breath.  I love my shit you guys.  This one is going to be so hard but I’m committed to doing it and I’m taking comfort in the fact that everyone else who’s done this and shares my values has said it’s liberating.  It better be.  As for zerowaste, I want to make a stronger commitment to really being conscious about the amount of waste I create both directly and indirectly.  There are several guides that I plan on using and best believe I’ll be sharing the journey here!

L1060921 - New Year, New Goals

It’s raining outside today and being cuddled up here on the couch with my dog and laptop is heavenly.

Go to Iran to visit family

This one is sort of already in process, I already bought my ticket, but there is way more involved in this whole trip than I thought so I’m making it one of my goals because it’s going to take focus and resolve to make it happen.  I have spent a lot of time in Spain and the US connecting with my mom’s side of the family and those cultural roots but I’ve never been to Iran and there are still a lot of relatives there who I’ve never met.  I have thought about making this trip so many times but there’s always some issue or conflict or the paperwork was too daunting.  But life is now so I’m going, whatever it takes to get there.  I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of family, seeing where my dad and grandparents grew up and learning firsthand about Persian culture.  And the food.  I’m really excited about the food.  I’m hoping to get some hands on kitchen experience while I’m there so I can add a few new things to my culinary tool kit.

IMG 8064 - New Year, New Goals

I’ve also been getting a lot of journaling done. This has been a resolution many, many times and I’ve just accepted that there are times I’m more consistent and times that I’m not. It’s all good.

Add video content to The Delightful Table

This one also makes me really nervous.  I’m telling you, I’m not fucking around in 2017!  I’m really pushing myself!  It makes me nervous because I’ve tried video content before but I just haven’t been able to follow through or commit to seeing it all the way through into something consistent and watchable so I’m terrified of failing at this.  But whatever!  This year, I’m making it happen, no excuses.  I hope this makes you as excited as it terrifies me.  

IMG 8066 e1483323934593 - New Year, New Goals

Last day of the year was perfect cozy writing weather.  Lots of time to reflect.

30 Day Post Challenge

This is basically what I should be doing but making it into a 30 day challenge makes it seem less overwhelming to me and also makes it like a game which makes it fun!  The idea is to post 20 posts in 30 days, no matter what.  I tend to review and revise and edit the shit out of my posts and sometimes perfect is the enemy of getting shit done.  You’re just going to be getting it raw and off the cuff.  I hope you like it.


Collaborate with at least 5 other bloggers

I’ve done some collaborations in the past and they were so much fun.  I’d really like to do more so I’m putting it on my list.  Some of the people I hope to collaborate with are Mary Lee Kitchen, Zerowaste Guy and Nina Rubin for starters.  And if you are a blogger and you want to collaborate, hit me up in the comments!!  Let’s make some magic together.  AND if you know of a blogger that you think I should collaborate with also put that in the comments.  I love to meet new people and learn new things.

IMG 8063 - New Year, New Goals

I did take a few breaks to steal kisses from this guy.

Organize my neighborhood and build community

I have this vision of everyone on my quaint little block in Silver Lake being members of a tight knit and organized community that supports its members.  I imagine potlucks, block parties, people helping each other out, borrowing cups of sugar and tools and building lasting relationships.  In order to see if this could actually work, I had a dinner for a couple of my neighbors recently to test it out and it was fantastic.  It definitely encouraged me to move forward with this plan and see how far I can take it.  It will also make it easier to clean out my closets knowing that there are people right around me who I can borrow stuff from, I don’t have to have everything myself.


What else would you like to see???  Am I screaming into the void here or what???    

What’s working?  What’s not?  What kinds of recipes or articles are you interested in?  What do you want to hear more of?  Less of?  Let me know!  This new year will be whatever we make of it!  Are you with me??


I love the idea of doing more community building IRL! It makes such a difference. Also, how was it to do the 30 challenge?

It really does make a difference! Most people respond with much more warmth and excitement in person. Helps to be sending some their way too 🙂 The 30 day challenge was definitely a challenge but now it has me in a much more consistent rhythm when it comes to posting so I think it was a success!

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