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Keeping it Local


I’m a big fan and proponent of buying locally produced stuff whenever I can.  Of course there are times when the thing I need or want just isn’t made in California.  On those rare occasions, I will buy from far flung places but I really try as hard as I can to stick to what’s local.  

I do this for a few reasons.  The first one is that it uses less resources to get to me.  When things come from far away, say China, that means that they have to be stored and then transported and then maybe stored again and then transported some more and many gallons of fossil fuels are burned up in the process.  This isn’t very sustainable and if you haven’t noticed, that’s kind of my thing.  I also find that most of the stuff that comes from that far away isn’t the best quality and I can find way better quality items locally.  Another reason is that I want my money to support my own community, you know, the one I live in.  If the action of buying some jam or napkins or honey or a table is supporting someone in my community to realize their dreams or do what they love for a living then that is worth paying a little extra because a happy, supported, vibrant and thriving community benefits me too.  I also believe that sourcing locally grown food is way healthier.  The veggies I get don’t travel more than 200 miles to get to me so they are picked when they are ripe, or damn near close, so that I get the full health benefits that nature intended.  

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It doesn’t get more ultra hyper local than my amazing CSA which delivers these treasure troves of fruits and veggies to my door once a week.

I really try to follow through all the way down the supply chain with this by supporting local producers that support local producers that support local producers.  There are some products that are made from ingredients that are not found locally, like coffee for example, but if there’s an option that goes local all the way down the supply chain to the packaging, that’s my first choice!

Keeping It Local - Keeping it Local

These are some of my all time faves in terms of local producers and vendors. If you’re wondering what that empty jar is all about well that’s Dave’s Korean kimchee and it’s just that good. Doesn’t last the week so we have a lot of these empty jars.

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of traveling all over the US and the world and I’ve seen lots of amazing locally produced things in every community I’ve ever come in contact with.  In fact, seeking out and learning about the amazing things that are produced in different places is one of my favorite things to do when I travel to a new place.  And then of course there’s the thrill of going back to those places to enjoy those items in the place where they are made.  

In the spirit of the love of all things local, I will be starting a series of articles where I highlight local producers from my hometown, Los Angeles, and other local producers that I come across during my travels so stay tuned!  And if you have a local producer that you just love, please let everyone know about them in the comments!  If I happen to be traveling there, I’d love to check them out for myself and feature them on the blog and maybe others would too.  Sharing is caring.  

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