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Keeping it Local: Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food


Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food products are a local favorite that have a well deserved cult following.   Dave doesn’t have a website, any kind of social media presence or sell in stores.  Nor does he have a brick and mortar location of his own.  The only way to get Dave’s vegan kimchi, tempah, miso dressing, daikon kimchi or any of his other addictive products is to show up EARLY to the farmer’s markets where he has staff peddling his wares.  Just to give you an idea of how popular his products are, I went to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market early one morning to get some of his kimchi and tempah.  It was gray, cold and rainy which usually means Angelenos are hunkered down in their homes, avoiding the elements.  I expected to be able to waltz up to Dave’s booth and buy what I needed and maybe even chat up the person at the booth.  When I got to his booth, there was a line.  A line of people, standing in the cold rain (Angelenos don’t do cold rain y’all!), waiting to buy their favorite product.  I even overheard the woman staffing the booth tell people that they had already run out of a few things.  The market had only been open for an hour!!!  Even though Dave spends almost zero money or energy on marketing, everyone knows about his stuff and loves it.

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The line for Dave’s was three deep at 9am on a rainy, cold morning in Los Angeles and by the time I got to the front of the line there were three people behind me.  You know this shit has to be good!

I’ve made kimchi myself before and it’s pretty easy.  It just takes getting the right seasonings and then adding time.  However, time is the thing that sometimes I am running low on so I head to Dave’s to get my fix.  Also, his tastes way better.  You’re probably wondering why his stuff is so popular?  Well, the main reason is because everything is incredibly delicious.  Another reason is that it’s all vegan.  From the kimchi to the tempah to the dressings, it is all free of animal products and in a city where there are a lot of vegans, this is a blessing for many.  No need to fret over ingredients on the label, you can trust that Dave’s is purely plant based.  I personally love the products because they are all made from local, organic ingredients and it also supports a member of my community.  Dave is a family man and member of the community and I’d rather support his efforts than someone a million miles away.  There’s also a handmade touch to all the products from the labels to the simple jars the food is packaged in.  The tempah is also OFF THE CHAIN!!!  I am not sure what is in this stuff but it’s so freaking good.  I always grab a container when I’m there to pick up kimchi and it barely makes it home.

Because of Dave’s lack of marketing and social media presence, I have a feeling he doesn’t have aspirations to take over the world with his plant based Korean foods.  I think this is another thing that I love about his business.  He’s happy to create just for the local community as long as the local community is willing to support.  And at $9 a jar for the kimchi, that we are.  I don’t mind paying a premium for his stuff because it’s something that you can only really get here and I want to keep it that way.

Are there some local products that can only be found in your community that you love?  Share them in the comments!

Daves Korean Kimchi




Can I order online and have it delivered to Tarzana or Sherman Oaks?
I will need the menu
I miss Dave’s food

The Hollywood Farmer’s Market has prepared foods available again and I’ve seen Dave’s there so you should be able to get it again.

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