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How to Get Your Plant Based Protein


Getting Enough Protein on a Plant Based Diet

Ah protein.  Whenever I tell people I eat a plant based diet the first thing they ask is how I get protein.  While protein is essential for survival, the American diet leans more protein heavy than the average person needs.  But make no mistake, protein is absolutely necessary.  Your muscles, tendons, skin and organs are created from protein. Proteins make hormones, neurotransmitters, and even enzymes to digest the food that you eat. You can’t function without it.

Many vegans do not get enough protein in their diet but this isn’t because it’s not possible – it is very possible to get protein from plants.  It is often because they are “junk food vegans” who rely on highly processed foods.  Highly processed foods are not as nourishing as whole plant based foods and a diet of almost exclusively processed foods runs the risk of leaving you malnourished.   But if you pay attention to what you eat and also make nutritious choices, you will be fine.  The following foods provide a good amount of protein and can help you thrive on a vegan diet.

Best Plant Based Proteins

nuts seeds protein - How to Get Your Plant Based Protein

Nuts and Seeds

  • Almonds 30g protein per cup
  • Sunflower seeds 23g protein per cup
  • Chia seeds 16g protein per cup
  • Hemp seeds 10g protein per ounce

beans protein - How to Get Your Plant Based Protein


  • Baked tofu 20g protein per cup
  • Lentils 18g protein per cup
  • Edamame 17g per cup
  • Black beans 15g protein per cup
  • Garbanzo beans 15g protein per cup
  • Great northern beans 15g protein per cup

oats grains protein - How to Get Your Plant Based Protein


  • Spelt 10g protein per cup
  • Teff 11g protein per cup
  • Quinoa 8g protein per cup
  • Amaranth 8g protein per cup
  • Couscous 6g protein per cup
  • Dry Oats 6g protein per ½ cup
  • Brown rice 5g per cup


  • Nutritional Yeast 14g protein per oz
  • Green Peas 9 grams protein per cup

Plant Based Protein Packed Recipes

Making sure that you eat dishes that contain a variety of the beans, nuts, seeds, and grains listed above can help ensure not only that you get enough protein but also a well-rounded source of protein.  Here are a few more recipes that combine and include the above ingredients to give you more inspiration!

Roasted Broccoli and Garbanzo Bean Salad – I know it says “salad” but it’s so much more than that.  Serve it with a side of your favorite grain to make a complete meal.

Moroccan Roasted Veggies with Quinoa – This is one of my favorite dishes to make!  It’s a complete meal that is full of flavor.

Red Beans and Rice – I’m originally from Louisiana so this dish is a comforting standby.  The smoked salt is was really makes it.

Roasted Garbanzo Beans with Garlic & Swiss Chard – This also pairs well with your favorite grain to make a full meal and is way tastier than it looks.

Now you have even more iron AND protein packed dishes in your arsenal.  See… this plant based thing isn’t so hard.

If you live in Los Angeles, join us for a hands on cooking class and we will show you how to create your own amazing plant based meals from scratch!  Click here for the calendar!


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