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How to Choose a Vegan Cooking Class in Los Angeles


Finding The Best Vegan Cooking Class in Los Angeles

Choosing a vegan cooking class in Los Angeles isn’t as easy as you might think.  It might surprise you to find out that the vegan cooking class options in LA are actually few and far between.  With such a vegan, plant based and health conscious community, you’d think there’d be more.  There are a few demo style classes available and but there is only one completely hands on and 100% vegan cooking school.  Yes, you guessed it, it’s Delightful Table. Welcome!

Demo Style Classes versus Hands On Vegan Cooking Classes

We do offer demo options for private parties and corporate events however the classes we offer on our regular calendar are all hands on. 

Demo Style Class

In a demo style class the instructor does most of the cooking while the students watch.  Some demo style classes will have interactive portions where students will be asked to mix, assemble or plate food but the bulk of the cooking is either done in advance of the class or by the instructor.  Then at the end of the demo style class, everyone gets to eat the food that was made.  

Hands on Class

In a hands on class you, the student, makes everything from start to finish.  You will prep the produce, make the sauces, brown the onions, and season the dish that you get to eat at the end of class.  If your goal is to take away some solid cooking skills that you can apply to your daily meal prep at home, then a hands on class is the way to go.  

Cooking is a kinetic activity that requires the use of all of the senses.  It’s a lot like dancing in that the only way you get good at it is by practice.  You can watch every YouTube video there is about tango dancing but if you never hit the dancefloor and practice you will never actually be able to dance tango.  Cooking is no different. So if your goal is to actually learn how to cook, choose a hands on class.

Entertaining Vegan Cooking Classes versus Instructional Classes

Are you looking for an intense Le Cordon Blue cooking class experience with highly detailed instruction from a stoney faced instructor wearing a white chef’s coat and toque OR do you want a Barmitzvah MC who brings the party while a meal happens to come together?  Each school and instructor will bring their own vibe, energy and instructional style so choose a class and school that has the one you are looking for.  

At Delightful Table our vegan cooking classes are both fun and instructional.  Our instructors love what they do, love food, and love people. We believe that learning to cook should be fun and that laughing facilitates learning.  Our students always go home with three things 

1) Lots of leftovers 

2) Great memories 

3) Tangible skills and knowledge that they are able to use at home and that’s only after one class!  

Professional Vegan Cooking Classes versus Home Cooking Classes

If you are looking to open a vegan restaurant or start a vegan food business then our classes aren’t really for you.  Delightful Table focuses on home cooking so we use and teach home cooking methods. We want to show you how to nourish yourself and the people you love from the comfort of a home kitchen in a way that’s flexible, fun and delicious.  A professional cooking program will go over costing, pricing, inventory management, labor laws, local food safety laws, permits and other issues that only pertain to people who plan on selling their food to the public.     

Location of Vegan Cooking Classes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis and our classes are in person so location matters.  We have our indoor cooking school location in Silver Lake and then we also do al fresco Farm to Table classes at Sarvodaya Farms in Pomona, CA and Cottonwood Urban Farms in Panorama City, CA.  Once a month we also do a tour and class at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market in Hollywood.  We also do pop up classes at a location of your choice for private groups and parties.  

We want the joy of a vegan cooking class experience to be as accessible to as many people as possible so we are happy to work with people who have a location that is convenient for them that also works for a cooking class.

Once you have considered all of these factors it should be a piece of delicious vegan cake to choose the best vegan cooking class option for you! Book a cooking class online at The Delightful Table to get started.

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