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The CSA box

Forced Sustainability: River Rides


My new CSA box isn’t the only thing that’s new around here.  I also started working at a new client and this new client is way closer to home.  My commute has been cut in half and even though it was kinda nice getting in all that cardio, I’m really glad that I won’t be spending 10 hours a week getting to and from work.  There are so many other things I could be doing with that time like more recipe R&D, staying on top of weekly posts and sleeping.

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My new commute only takes me about 30 minutes each way and it’s about 15 miles round trip which is half my previous daily commute.  I love having all this time back but I also love the route I take.  I used to snake my way through 30 miles of Los Angeles city streets to get to and from work and now my route takes me along the Los Angeles River bike path.  There are no cars, no traffic lights and no monster hills.  It’s an easy breezy and much safer commute which means way less sweating and fretting.  The entrance to the bike path is about a 5 minute ride from my house and at the other end, it’s about a 5 minute ride from where I hop off the bike path to work.  It really could not be a more lovely or easy commute.

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If you aren’t from Los Angeles, you might be like, wait, what river?  Oh yeah, we have a river here.  It’s more like a large drainage canal and the most famous stretches that you have probably seen in movies, music videos and commercials are large, dry expanses of concrete that you can roller skate or drag race a car down.  But over where I live it’s actually kinda like a real river.  There is water that flows through it and a wide variety of water foul that hang out in the river.  Certain sections even have lush vegetation growing that provides shelter for more water foul and some homeless people and their dogs.

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The bike path also runs alongside a stretch of Interstate 5.  There is a chain link fence and maybe a hundred feet of easement between the freeway and my bike lane but there are times when it really feels like I’m riding on the highway with the cars and it’s a lot of fun.  All the cars whizzing by next to me sometimes motivates me to ride as hard as I can to see if I can catch up to them.  I imagine this is similar to the logic of dogs who chose to chase cars… I’m coming for ya!  Just you wait and see, I’mma getcha!  Of course, I never do, but it gets the blood pumping.

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