20150208 123428 e1435862979824 721x541 - February 2015 Box No. 1: Valentine's Day in Big Sur
The CSA box

February 2015 Box No. 1: Valentine’s Day in Big Sur


The second Farm Box came right before I left for Big Sur on a President’s Day slash Valentine’s Day Girl’s weekend getaway.  We had rented this magical cabin that clung to the side of a canyon wall in Big Sur.  According to the pictures it had an outdoor bathtub and stunning views.  I couldn’t wait to get out there and get OFF THE GRID.  It was going to be so nice to just relax for a few days and not read any emails or be available by phone.  I would be able to just relax with my girlfriends and commune with nature.

The box was still pretty Fall forward with butternut squash, beets, fennel, mixed salad greens, carrots and garlic.  It was kind of a sparse box but since I was going out of town I really didn’t mind.

Since we were going to be in a pretty remote area, I decided to bring food.  I packed food for the whole weekend, minus a couple meals we had planned, the most exciting one being at the Big Sur Bakery.  I also took pretty much all of the CSA ingredients (minus the head of garlic) and made a very pretty salad.  I figured we could bust it out upon arrival and have something healthy and delicious to eat.

This was a great idea in theory but by the time we got to the cabin the salad was a wilted, soggy mess.  Wooops!  It still tasted good but the texture of the arugula and other greens was not good.  Not good at all.  The three of us gals picked the roasted veggies out of the soggy arugula and then sent the remaining pile of slime to compost heaven.  Oh well, live and learn.

The next day was hiking, and relaxing and then more relaxing.  I made us dinner which was pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes with rosemary and haricot vert in brown butter.  And wine.  Lots and lots of wine.  The next day was hiking, journaling, napping and more napping.  We also had dinner at Big Sur Bakery which was delicious.  It was my first time in Big Sur and I completely fell in love with the combination of nature loving hippie vibe and chic trendy foodie vibe.  At night it was dead silent and we could see the Milky Way which was completely magical.  At the same time, we weren’t too far from the creature comforts that keep me a city girl.

20150215 145933 e1435863119202 - February 2015 Box No. 1: Valentine's Day in Big Sur

My dream house now has an outdoor tub. This was, without a doubt, one of the highlights of the trip for me.

20150214 110106 e1435863281819 - February 2015 Box No. 1: Valentine's Day in Big Sur

Pre-hike team meeting… where the hell are we?

20150215 175701 - February 2015 Box No. 1: Valentine's Day in Big Sur

Big Sur is all about ridiculous sunsets. There are plenty of establishments dedicated to this fact.

I decided that when I become a gazillionaire I’m going to buy a cabin in Big Sur.  And a house in Sedona.  Big Sur and Sedona.  And you guys are all invited.

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