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Don’t Lose It!


If you read my previous post, I have “going zero waste” on my New Year’s resolutions list and even though it’s only 5 days into the year, I’m off to a pretty good start!  Mostly because I already do a lot of the zero waste things.  I have been reading some guides and how tos and I’m mostly like “Yup!  I do that!  Yes!  Check!”  It’s definitely reaffirming and comforting to know that I’m not behind the 8 ball on this one.    However, there are definitely some areas where I can improve.

where my coffee cup would be - Don't Lose It!

This is where my reusable coffee mug would be if I hadn’t left it at the post office.

One of the areas I struggle with is losing stuff.  I don’t know how many coffee mugs, travel containers, water bottles, jackets, scarves and cell phones I have left around the world.  It’s in the high double digits for sure.  In the past two weeks alone I have lost a travel coffee mug and a Nalgene bottle.  The Nalgene wasn’t really due to carelessness though.  Ok, it was.  I carelessly left water in it while going through TSA over the holidays.  They confiscated it from me and I found myself short a reusable water bottle.  I can’t tell you how pissed I was.  Pissed at myself for leaving water in it (I know better!!) and pissed at the stupid TSA and their stupid rules.  As for the coffee mug, I left it on the counter at the post office while I was running an errand so that was 100% my bad.  Over the summer I left my really nice Marmot rain jacket on the bus in Peru, left my Platypus water bladder at a restaurant in Santa Monica, left my cell phone… somewhere, it’s still a mystery, etc.  The list goes on but you can see where this is going.  Now all these things need to be replaced.  I’m trying to do the right thing but I have a tendency to lose track of my reusable, durable things!  I like to imagine that someone has found my stuff and is making good use of it because the alternative, that they just threw it away, pains me and it completely defeats the purpose of having reusable stuff!

where my water bottle would be e1483637928739 - Don't Lose It!

This is how I would hold my Nalgene water bottle if TSA hadn’t jacked it because I forgot to empty it before I went through security at LAX.

So one of the things I get to work on with this zero waste goal is holding on to my stuff.  I get to be more mindful of what’s going on around me and where my things are so that I can avoid single use items, avoid constantly replacing these things and make sure they don’t end up in the trash.     
Can you relate?  What are some of your struggles with reducing your waste or avoiding single use items?  Post it in the comments!

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