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The one constant in the world is change and over here at Delightful Table there are many changes afoot!  I recently decided to try a new CSA program that is more in line with my values and it has shaken things up a bit for me.

When I joined the Silver Lake CSA it was a small co-op that worked with local farmers to connect people in the Silver Lake community to local, sustainable produce.  About a year into my subscription, it was bought by a company in San Francisco called FarmBox.  They provided a similar service but it was more of a grocery delivery service.  I gave it a shot for another year and it was great.  The staff at FarmBox have always been so responsive and fair and very supportive of the Delightful Table mission.  I have loved getting to know the FarmBox team, including my delivery person and the farmers who provide my fruits and veggies each week.  However, FarmBox was recently bought by GrubMarket.  They changed their website, product offering and delivery schedule and it just feels like things are moving farther and farther away from where they started out.

L1060404 - Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes!

This was my last FarmBox box. The farewell box. It had a lot of good stuff so it was nice to end on a high note.

A day or two after I heard about the GrubMarket merger I found out about Sarvodaya Farms, which is a local CSA program that is headquartered out of Pomona, CA.  All of their veggies and fruits are grown by members of their farmer training program on urban farms in the Pomona area where they farm in an ecologically balanced way that restores health to people, plants, and wildlife.  I mean does it get more awesome than that?!?!?!  AND IT’S CHEAPER.  AND THEY DELIVER TO MY HOUSE!!!  Sold and sold.  Sort of.

Even though this decision made so much sense, it wasn’t an easy one.  In fact, it feels a bit like a breakup.

I mulled this choice over for weeks and it brought up a lot of anxiety.  Silver Lake Farms and FarmBox have been so good to me and I have really enjoyed the service but I’m excited about supporting a program that is so much more than a grocery delivery service.  The people that run Sarvodaya Farms are legit hippies and I can’t tell you how much that excites me.  But I don’t want the folks over at FarmBox to think I don’t appreciate them!  It’s like, “You’re awesome but we’ve grown apart and I’ve met someone who really GETS ME”.  Who knew that changing my fruit and veggie delivery service would cause so much angst!

IMG 7302 e1481818706137 - Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes!

There were a lot of things in this box that were unfamiliar to me which made me wonder… WAS THIS A BAD IDEA?!

Some of this angst also comes from where this all started.  When I started participating in the Silver Lake CSA (now GrubMarket) 2 and a half years ago I had no idea that it would be such a catalyst for change in my life.  Not only was it the inspiration for this blog but it also happens to be the last vestige of my life with my ex-husband so moving on and trying something new also has a deeper meaning for me.  It means letting go completely of my old life and fully embracing my new life, my new community and my new passions that I created out of the ashes of my former self.

I want to share all of the newness that this change will bring so I will be reviving my weekly box posts and sharing what’s in the new Sarvodaya Farm box with you guys along with details of the tragicomedy that is my life.  

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