If I could just make soda out of every fruit I get I would.  It’s one of my new favorite things to do with fruit when I can’t think of anything else.  So far it has worked with peaches, grapes and now apples.  Apple juice is pretty great on it’s own but it gets way more fun and exciting when it has bubbles in it!!  The only thing about fermenting apple juice is that it comes out kinda brown.  It’s not a very appetizing color so I can see why maybe it’s not widely published.  But it tastes amazing!

L1020089 e1447205474725 - Caramel Apple Soda Float

There are also these bits that float around in it. Like I said, its not the most appetizing looking thing in the world but, trust me, it is delicious.


This apple soda had a little more “stuff” at the top after it fermented.  The other sodas had a bit of foamy fruit bits that floated to the top and sat up there, kind of like cream that floats to the top of unpasteurized milk, but it tastes good and it’s not bad for you so I don’t worry about it.  I scoop it off if I don’t want it in my drink for texture or aesthetic purposes.  But this one was hard to scoop off.  I could have just drank the whole thing but then I remembered that I had vanilla ice cream in the freezer and some salted caramel topping in my pantry that a friend had gifted me and I thought it would be so much fun to put them together.

It is still hot here by the way… in case you were wondering why I’m making an ice cream float in late October, it’s because it’s 90 degrees F outside.  So this is how I’m getting my fall flavor fix and beating the heat at the same time.

Delightful Recipe

Serves 4


  • 5 apples, juiced or 2 cups of fresh pressed apple juice
  • 1/8 teaspoon of bakers yeast
  • water
  • 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • Salted caramel topping, found at specialty stores and can be substituted for regular caramel topping
  • Pour yeast into the bottom of a 1 liter plastic bottle with a tight fitting lid and then add the apple juice and fill the rest of the way with water.  Seal and store in a dark place, undisturbed for 24 hours.
  • Put scoops of ice cream into cups and pour over the apple soda.
  • Top with caramel topping and enjoy.

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