I gather inspiration from all over the internet.  Here are some of the places I go to the most:

Local Harvest

Find a CSA near you!  Local Harvest has a pretty darn comprehensive database of CSAs around the United States.  You can search for results by zip code.  This has come in very handy when doing my CSA away posts.  There’s also great information about CSAs, farmer’s markets, local farms and more.

Pinch of Yum

I love this blog!  In addition to being an amazing food blog with great recipes, photos and stories, Lindsay and her husband Bjork have done a fantastic job of providing amazing resources for fellow food bloggers.

iPhone Photography School

I don’t use my iPhone to take photos for the blog, I use my Samsung S5, but the principles are the same.  I was feeling self-conscious about the fact that I wasn’t using a “real” camera until I found this site.  My new mantra comes from this site “the quality of any photo mostly depends on the photographer’s intent and creative vision”.  A good photo is a good photo, doesn’t matter what you use to capture it.

Food Photography

Back to Pinch of Yum!  Lindsay has a lot of great tips for food photography for blogs.  I bought her e-book and it was extremely helpful.  As a result of reading her book, I bought a light that brought my photo game up to the next level.  I know, natural light, blah blah blah but if the light in your house is shit then get a light.  Trust me.  Unnatural light is greater than crap natural light every day of the week.  And photography is just that.  Capturing light.  No light, no photograph.